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David Davidov

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David Davidov was born on March 26, 1980 in the city of Yolotani, Turkmen SSR. David's father, Davidov Rakhmin - Jews of mountain origin. In the past, a beekeeper and a labor teacher. Mother Davidova Tamara - Jewish of Iranian origin. Physician by profession. From an early age, the mother instilled in all children: Mikhail Angela and David love and interest in music, although the parents themselves were not musicians, but they loved music very much. At the age of 9, David entered the music school in the clarinet class and graduated with honors. At the age of 14, he entered the music school in the city of Mary, where he continued his musical education.

In 1996, David immigrated to Israel with his parents and upon arrival in Tel Aviv continued his musical activity, performing at concerts and festivals, weddings and various events.

In 2000, David began to get involved in arranging and playing keyboards, which subsequently helped him create his own studio, in which he recorded and arranged many albums both for himself and for popular singers and musicians in Israel and abroad.

In 2007, David released his first debut album called "Melody of the Soul"

In 2009 the second album called "In the name of love"

In 2012 the third album called "Glass of Wine"

In 2019 the fourth under the name "Sounds of the Heart"

In 2013, close cooperation begins with Israeli pop stars such as Omer Adam, Eyal Golan, Sarit Hadad, Moshe Peretz, Itai Levy, Eden Ben Zaken, etc...

In 2017, David performed at the Super Jazz Ashdod International Festival, organized by Baku-born virtuoso pianist Leonid Ptashka, which was attended by world jazz stars like Mike Stern. David Davidov is currently working on new interesting projects, and after completion of which he plans to hold a big concert dedicated to his 45th anniversary of the creative path.


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